Merry Christmas 2012

So I spent my Christmas this year playing with new apps on my iPad and learning how to draw and make collages. Take a look at how helpful the apps are at making a person look good at this!

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Saloon Showdown Update

SHOWTIME! And the show goes up tonight! Lovely weather and almost sold out!

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Saloon Showdown!

So I recently decided “Heck yeah! I’m a writer!” Actually, it was a volunteer fundraiser to which I couldn’t say no. If you think about it, it really makes sense for a costume murder mystery to be set for Halloween weekend. Months of toil, bunches of rehearsals, and many revisions later, I am happy to say that the group efforts have succeeded and we have a very fun Mystery Dinner Show to put on. Goes up tomorrow, so here’s hoping it goes well.

Sidebar: Please don’t let it snow too much this weekend! I usually always love snow. I mean, freakishly LOVE SNOW. But this is just bad timing for me this time.

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Time Flies…and Quilting

Of course, everyone always says tempus fugit “Time Flies” but tell me how it is already September again? But with the fall also comes my need to go back to crafting. My grandmother has recently taught me how to quilt. Look at these fun projects that I did!!!

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Back to Disney!

And as I always say, I do love Disney! This week’s weather is going to be super nice and sunny. So far I haven’t seen anything to the contrary.

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And we begin… PUPPETS!

As is always true with me, I have once again volunteered to help out when I don’t really have the time to donate. However, this one is going to be fun because I get to play with paper mâché and sewing to make little puppets! I haven’t done this since I was in elementary school. Granted that was with a lot of guidance back then, and this time I am completely unsupervised. Watch out for the serious mess that is about to ensue…

Oh wait!!! It actually worked out! I am so pleased. And entirely by accident, I picked a cream fabric to make the bodies which turns out to be the color of the costumes the two men are wearing. How fortuitous!


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Happy Halloween…Soon!

It’s an old cartoon, but still fun, and since the other site that I had this on is no longer up, here you go again.

Halloween Fun

Also, I found old images of sculpey things I made from back in the day too!

Clay Halloween

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Addendum to 5th Plant

Sadly, the plant is no longer with us. It wasn’t my fault, I swear. My cat decided that pulling off leaves was fun and took the plant apart. Sigh. It just wasn’t meant to be.

On another note, I do have my Jade plant that is quite hardy and fully living. I have that one where the cat can’t reach, and it’s completely safe. So really, plant 4 is all good!

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My first…um…5th Real Plant!

I kill all plants. Seriously. Just not a pretty picture. However, the impulse struck me to try again, and I picked up this rose plant. Turns out it’s a Canadian rose and very hardy. Thus, here’s hoping that I don’t kill this one. And it is a pretty picture. 2 weeks and counting…

Happy Spring!

Pink rose

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A Touch of Music

I had a small craft sale today that gave me time to design a new piece. At one point while I was making the piece I saw a hint of a music symbol coming out. Of course, as a music lover, I just had to continue with it and add a little more. Can you see them?


If not, here’s a hint…

09-001N Explained

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