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Merry Christmas 2012

So I spent my Christmas this year playing with new apps on my iPad and learning how to draw and make collages. Take a look at how helpful the apps are at making a person look good at this!

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Back to Disney!

And as I always say, I do love Disney! This week’s weather is going to be super nice and sunny. So far I haven’t seen anything to the contrary.

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Happy Halloween…Soon!

It’s an old cartoon, but still fun, and since the other site that I had this on is no longer up, here you go again. Also, I found old images of sculpey things I made from back in the day … Continue reading

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Crystal Castle

It is that time of year again when I get to go to Florida to visit the Mouse. In preparation, here is a really cool crystal castle that I saw in one of my previous trips.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, many moons have passed and I finally remember and am free enough to post. It has been a crazy 3 months. Let’s see, first, I did an opera recital that was very fun, but super stressful. Click here to … Continue reading

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Check out this fun and simple bracelet that I made as yet another gift. ‘Tis the Season and all that entails. Gives me a good excuse to play with my toys and make stuff. I dub thee… Squiggles. For obvious … Continue reading

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Christmas Green

So even though I wasn’t posting, I did manage to make a new pendant for someone as a gift. At least it’s something, right?

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Happy New Year…

Phew! I am ridiculous in my non-posting. Sigh. Oh well. Here is a Holiday pic of my very first Christmas tree in the new apartment from my new camera (thanks sis!). Enjoy! And take a look at this fun little … Continue reading

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Back from Disney!

Boy am I a super fan of Disney! We just got back to town and I am already in withdrawal. Cartoons, rides, and sun, what’s not to love? Plus I am a picture taking fiend. I took over 800 pictures … Continue reading

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Holiday Survey Says!

I usually don’t answer these survey things…in fact, I have only done it once in my life. However, who can ignore the call of Winter Holidays and be a grinch now? Not me! 1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Oooo, … Continue reading

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