Thanksgiving Story

Hello to all that wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and Birthday all at once. As my thank you gift, let me share with you a Tail of Two Siblings. Actually, it is a story of a family and their pet. A complex tale filled with drama, adventure, suspense, humor, and happy endings.

It was a rainy Thanksgiving day, perfect gray weather to keep a family indoors and happy to appreciate family and food. Warmth and laughter filled the air along with the enticing aromas of roasting turkey, baking casseroles, and chilling pumkin pies. The family china was already set upon the long dining room table; an invitation to enjoy the feast to come. A grandfather clock chimed the time. Amidst the holiday cheer, two beloved pets, a dog and cat, cavorted beneath the feet of their human family.

Before long, the meal was ready. The family gathered around the dining room table and raised their voices in four part harmony, as all families are wont to do, and thanked God for their gifts. Their pet dog, Tinker, ceased fleeing from the cat and snuffled around the table begging for scraps. All was festive in the family manse.

Little did they know…. their cat, Sara, was using the time to get into a little mischief of her own.

Hours had passed and no one suspected anything. Fun-filled movies were watched, dishes were loaded into the dishwater, and the Turkey Sleep was fought against by all. One family member became concerned that she had not seen the little cat for a long while. It was not Sara’s habit to stray too far from her family. Concerned, she and her siblings wandered the grounds listening for the howling of the moors…the meowing of the cat, a crash of a vase…anything. Alas, nothing.

Reassurances given by the family said that Sara was sleeping somewhere hidden in a corner, but an internal twinge would not allow the siblings to rest. They continued to listen for any sign of the missing cat when suddenly one brother ran to the others to give report of the sounds of the housecat having been lost outside in the bushes!

Three of the four siblings braved bronchitis and pneumonia to search in the chilly rain for their cat. Their flashlight swept through the dense underbrush searching for any sign of Sara. They crawled on the soaked ground listening for any sound. Mysteriously, the siblings could hear the desolate meows of Sara but could not find any sign of her in the bushes. Then the sound of something falling came from above their heads.

Horrified, one sibling looked up at the roof of the house. “She’s in the ceiling!” Gasps of terrror were ripped from the other siblings as they tore back into the house and flew up the stairs to the attic. Earlier, the brothers had been putting boxes in the attic and the curious cat had followed them up to explore. Unbeknownst to the brothers, she played with the boxes even as they shut her up in the cold, dank attic.

The dust in the attic swirled in the air while two of the siblings approached a dark, narrow crawlspace in the ceiling. The brother went through the small entrance first while one sister went back down the stairs to listen for the cat and pinpoint her location. Through the walls, sister and brother called to each other until they found where Sara had become trapped.

At the end of the narrow space was a hole that fell five feet below the attic. So close, and yet unable to climb up on her own, Sara saw the light of the brother’s flashlight and meowed pitifully. But she could not climb the steep two-by-fours that connected the hole with the attic. The brother called to the second sister asking for help.

As the sister crawled with spider-like moves through the fiberglass, she waited for the endless fall through a bottomless pit. One wrong step and through the ceiling would she fall. She joined her brother at the entrance to the cat’s trap. Less that a square foot entrance to Sara, neither sibling could reach the scared and tired cat. While they tried to get a bucket to drop down to Sara, the indomitable feline fought her way up the steep plank and meowed to get their attention.

Some gymnastics and contortions later, Sara was free! Fiberglass and dust clung to the clothes and fur of the family but the cat was rescued and all was once again well in the family manse.

Another happy Thanksgiving Day was celebrated by this family.

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