Fluff ‘N Stuff

So I finally used my spinning wheel after lending it to my sis for a while. She gave it back a long, long time ago, but I haven’t been using is due to laziness and moving factor. But I was so pleased with the way this one ply Blue Face Leicester fluff came out that I have to show it. The color was “Deep Sea.” This is mostly a pic post, so bear with me.

deep sea

Also, I recently purchased more jewelry tools that gives me the power to solder! Scary, but true. I was able to make this 34″ sterling silver chain with shell beads with it. Super fun! It’s hard to see in the pic, but the coating on the shell beads give it a cool fuschia, teal, red, navy iridescent thing.

shell necklace

shell close

It’s been a fun and creative week for me.

fluff n shell

Apparently, my cat wanted to play while I was playing amateur photographer. She is adorable!

curious cat

curious cat 2

She is the queen of my apartment. And she knows it.

queen cat

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2 Responses to Fluff ‘N Stuff

  1. amy says:

    dang sara looks fat in those bottom pics! what you been feeding her? cool necklace though.

  2. Steff says:

    Right, Sarah, use the most expensive pillow! LOL! Somehow I knew this was going to happen when we shopped for pillows……….

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