Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, many moons have passed and I finally remember and am free enough to post. It has been a crazy 3 months. Let’s see, first, I did an opera recital that was very fun, but super stressful. Click here to hear a sample. It was an interesting recital, but not something I plan to do very often. Much too much memorizing of songs and craziness.

Second, two weekends after the recital, I had our church consecration and that was great. The choir was very good that day. It was just a tiny bit stressful because I had never directed a Hierarchical Liturgy before. So I wanted to make sure I did it right.

Third, two weekends after the consecration, I had the community play, The King and I which was also fun. Not as stressful though because I was just one of the Royal Wives. The only real thing about that was that it was a lot of time spent at rehearsal and then the shows.

But now, it is Thanksgiving, and I am done with all of the stressful stuff…and I got a cold. Serves me right, I’m sure. :)

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  1. Amy says:

    dude gal you crazy :) I only had to sing in one of those things, that was enough for me! do you know yet if we are doing a december concert? cause then zoinkies!

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