Crystal Castle

It is that time of year again when I get to go to Florida to visit the Mouse. In preparation, here is a really cool crystal castle that I saw in one of my previous trips.

Crystal Castle

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Flat Tire Fiasco

Here’s irony…or…Murphy’s Law for you, you choose. I had put off changing my tires for quite some time, but it had come to the point where I just had to get them replaced. So on this rather chilly Saturday, I got in my car and started off to the Mavis nearest me. Mind you, Mavis is only about 3 miles down the road. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed that the car seemed off, but figuring that I was going to Mavis, I let it go. About halfway to the place, a woman jumps out of the car behind me to tell me that my rear tire is flat. Seriously? What is that about? The tire, not the woman.

So fine, I thanked the good samaritan, and went along the last mile to the Mavis. I parked my car and took a look at that pesky rear tire. Would you believe staring me right in the face is a screw that punctured the tire? I mean, I find it funny that the death of my tire was due to a tiny piece of metal and not the neglect that should have ended it.

Flat tire

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, many moons have passed and I finally remember and am free enough to post. It has been a crazy 3 months. Let’s see, first, I did an opera recital that was very fun, but super stressful. Click here to hear a sample. It was an interesting recital, but not something I plan to do very often. Much too much memorizing of songs and craziness.

Second, two weekends after the recital, I had our church consecration and that was great. The choir was very good that day. It was just a tiny bit stressful because I had never directed a Hierarchical Liturgy before. So I wanted to make sure I did it right.

Third, two weekends after the consecration, I had the community play, The King and I which was also fun. Not as stressful though because I was just one of the Royal Wives. The only real thing about that was that it was a lot of time spent at rehearsal and then the shows.

But now, it is Thanksgiving, and I am done with all of the stressful stuff…and I got a cold. Serves me right, I’m sure. :)

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My Favorite Sweater

I have a blue-green sweater that my sis gave me many a moon ago. It is one of my favorites, the biggest reason being that it is my favorite color. (Do you see the eerie matchy of the sweater yarn to my site colors?) Only slightly behind that reason in that it is sparkly. Sadly, the sweater is going bad due to its popularity with me and it’s many wearings. Thusly, when I saw this color sparkly yarn in a store, I just had to buy it. The theory is to knit a new favorite sweater. But I am a terrible knitter that takes forever to finish something just because I get bored and move on to different hobbies. But here’s hoping that if I post it, I will knit it.

Glitter 2


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Fluffy Cat

Newly inspired yet again, I finished spinning some purple-blue stuff I got way back when. I was so pleased! Then as I was organizing my lamentably chaotic closet, I found another 4 oz. of the stuff today. Sigh. But, it is an awesome color…even Sara agrees. (I had to fight her off of the fluff, let me remind you of the first part that I spun that she just adored.)

purple blue handspun

Sara yarn

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New Jewelry Unit

So look at this cool bookshelf that I got as a gift this past Christmas. Now if only I would actually put everything away so that it can be used…

jewelry shelf

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Deep V Argyle Vest

Hey, Look at me doing my first fair isle project. It’s scary and fun at the same time. I had never heard of steeks before in my life. And the very idea of CUTTING my knitting is freaking me out. We’ll see how it goes…

argyle vest

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Check out this fun and simple bracelet that I made as yet another gift. ‘Tis the Season and all that entails. Gives me a good excuse to play with my toys and make stuff.

I dub thee… Squiggles. For obvious reasons, of course.



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Christmas Green

So even though I wasn’t posting, I did manage to make a new pendant for someone as a gift. At least it’s something, right?


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Happy New Year…

Phew! I am ridiculous in my non-posting. Sigh. Oh well.

Here is a Holiday pic of my very first Christmas tree in the new apartment from my new camera (thanks sis!). Enjoy!

xmas tree

And take a look at this fun little video in part thanks to the Alvin and the Chipmunks website. My bro and I were playing around with the Munk Yourself thing… Just click on the pic.

merry chip-mas

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